New Chapter Begins

So, yes….me, my wife and my daughter has been here for more than one week, starting our new chapter of life.

The flight was extremely long and this was my daughter’s first flight 🙂 But she was just so calm, I was afraid that she would get scared when take off or landing, but she was just fine. We had one night sleep at Rainforest Check In Lounge at Changi Airport. It was very nice lounge with all you can eat food and drinks, comfortable sofas, nice beds and also lots of shower facilities with towels. This is the foursquare link: and photo I took when I just relaxing at very comfortable sofa at the lounge:

The next day was very tiring, flight from Singapore to Japan and Japan to Atlanta was very very long, more than 25 hours I guess. But Alhamdulillah, I could watch several new released movies between sleeps and eats: Pirates of Carribean on Stranger Tides, Bridesmaid, Something Borrowed, Hangover, etc.

The immigration process in Atlanta, Georgia to enter United States also went smooth, our I-94 granted until 2014. Then we continue with 1 hour flight to Dallas Fort Worth airport. We arrived at DFW airport at 22.00 PM and get picked up by our good friends/seniro: Mr. Titan and his wife Shita. They took us to our hotel, the Courtyard Plano Mariott. But as expected from North American hotels, the service was not as good as Asian hotels. And we decide to just stay there for 5 days (instead of 7 days) and move to our cozy apartment sooner.

One thing with apartment in the US: it is different with Indonesian apartment. I thought it would be like just one medium room with kitchen and living room in high buildings. It turns out that apartment here is just like housing complex (kompleks perumahan) in Indonesia. One family stays at one house with closed gates surrounding very big complex consists of 400 houses secured by RFID tag cards. Parking space is available in front of each houses giving 2 car slots per house. Parks for barbecue and Pizza party available inside, also basket ball field, Volley ball field, 24 hrs free fitness facility and even swimming pool. Each houses usually provides Time Warner Cable TV or Verizon Fiber Optic Access for Internet, IPTV and Phone, nice!!! Management office located in the front rows that opens 7 days a week. Our apartment village also just 5 minutes drive to Ericsson Headquarter office, Walmart, Citibank, Pizza Hut, IKEA and Cinemark. In summary we love this place.

Public School ( for my daughter is free starting 4 years old. Islamic private school also available by Islamic Association of Collin County. Universities and Community Colleges spread across the area if my wife would like to take Master Degree or certified courses.

But, the public transport is not yet mature around here. They are still building DART system ( So yes, we have to drive anywhere at anytime. Fortunately the company rent me a nice Chevy Malibu for first five days and it was changed to Chevy Impala because the Malibu has flat tire on the fifth days, now I am still waiting for my Social Security Number to be released before I can own my private car.

So then we are busy decorating our new house, and IKEA store is very close. We believe that our cozy apartment plays important role for our future life here, so let’s make it as comfortable as possible 😉

Last but not least, this week I started to work at Ericsson Region North America. I joined Solution Integration and Advanced Services team consists of highly experienced Solution Architects, I definitely need to learn fast and catch them up as soon as possible.

Let’s move on!!!

PS: no such thing as traffic jam at any time ^____^



  1. Arief · September 18, 2011

    Great news, Git. 🙂 Congratulations for all the achievements!

  2. sigitp · September 24, 2011

    Thank you bro 😉

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