When You’re Up, When You’re Down

When you’re up, your friends know who you are
When you’re down, you know…
who your friends are

Good memories with EID/Z/G team 🙂



One year has passed since the farewell:

EID Farewell

EID Farewell



Five Years with Ericsson

Today is my 5th year anniversary working with Ericsson.

As you can see on the video above, Ericsson is a true global company. I started five years ago with Ericsson Indonesia office and now I am based in North America headquarters.

Today, Ericsson sent me a surprise, a present for my 5th year anniversary:

Thanks Ericsson, indeed, I am one of many proud Ericsson man.

Me on SWA Magazine – Indonesian Diaspora

My friend Pyuth posted this on twitter: http://pics.lockerz.com/s/240677455

I was surprised because I didn’t remember any of this before.Image

And then I remember, about 3 months ago, there was a SWA Magazine editor add me on LinkedIn and she was asking me to participate on Indonesian Diaspora survey. She sent me a form to fill in consisting personal information like: Name, Education History, Company & Work History, Salary, Compensation, Benefits and whether I will come back to Indonesia or not, etc.

I decided that since all the critical personal information will be kept anonymous, I could helped her and participate in the survey. I also forwarded the survey form to my Indonesian friends here in Ericsson Inc. US.

I didn’t expect my picture to be posted on the magazine though, but I don’t mind. Cool self publication on respected Indonesian business magazine :D. Thanks for letting me know Pyuth!

PS: the picture was taken by my beautiful wife @mayadewif in San Francisco (Golden Gate National Park), California, January 2012.